Saturday, May 21



i reached Taiwan today.
fans welcomed me passionately.

very happy.
thank you

this asia tour had held almost half a year
finally it had reached its finals.
very fast~.

change of topic
while i'm on the plane, i was watching 'Ashita no Joe' !
so reminiscing!

even though the filming part was tough,
i felt my assets had increased by one,
it's a very good experience

i'm happy when making music too
it's the best happy moment
recently, i have a strong urge
of wanting to act~

be it drama, or movie,
or stage play.

feel like wanting to immerse myself entirely into
character which are beyond myself

today's meal is pork rice.
in Taipei

credit baidu

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1 comment:

  1. I want to see that movie! And I would love to see Yamapi in a drama again *---*

    Yamapi looks happy ^^

    And that pork rice looks delicious :Q