Sunday, May 29



good evening!

recently i have not been updating

got to face life with enthusiasm
having this thought since i was born

forgive me for coming up with this topic, all of a sudden
among my nikki's readers, if there's anyone who is facing any problem
or people with negative thoughts!

should confront the problem with positivity.
one's happiness is in the hands of themselves.
to decide whether will you lead a happy life, it depends on the methods used.

you do not have to extravagant something small
this is something important too!
rest if you are tired
do not assert yourself too much!

right now once i'm having my meals, i will feel very happy.
hanging out with family and friends, people coming to see my concert.
these are things which i felt truly blissful.
frequently there are people who said i
yamashita doesn't seem to have any worries.
but i'm human i do have worries too, and saddening matters.
i think it's not worth it to continue worrying about it

and i think that to be able to accept the fact, is important too.
even if something unhappy happened, first accept the fact
then think of a solution for it.
to discover the reason for it, new development will occurred.

of course time will heal some of our problems too.

for example quarreling with our friend
after a few days, we will wonder why do we have to vent such a big fuss over it

will have the thought of wanting to apologize to our friend properly.

even if it's saddening, gradually it will be healed.

human beings are strong, hence even though you are hurt, you will be fully healed.

we are truly very lucky

from today onwards, we have to face it with positivity, am i right?

today is the concert!

got a lot of genkiness from the audience.

thank you!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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it's such a long entry!!!

but did something happen??
why do yamapi suddenly update with such a long and thought-full entry??
whatever it is, do not think so much about it and let time heal its wound.
if you have to make a decision on it, follow what your heart says (not mind).
even though it can be quite difficult, you have to give it your best shot!
do not let yourself get disappointed.

we, fans, will always support you!
ganbatte! o(^-^)o


  1. Maybe he was just sensitive at the moment, but I hope there's nothing wrong

    Those beautiful words are as beautiful as him as a person. But I don't know why there are people who think he doesn't have any worries... Of course he has them, though I think he's not the type who usually complains about them.

    But you're right Yamapi. We have to be positive, no matter what!

    Thank you for your words.

    And also thank you for translating it Selina-san!^^

  2. you're welcome, kanju-san! :) i totally agree with the words "Those beautiful words are as beautiful as him as a person." <3