Thursday, September 2




truly very sorry that recently i can't update

yesterday, i was at home watching

while reminiscing
i recalled a lot of things which happened in the past too!

i already can't wait to quickly hold the concert

yesterday, it's my 14th year
in Johnny's

not sure to consider it as long
or short.

however, faced plenty of problems.

from today onwards, i will overcome
much more obstacles too

i must work hard in order to grow up properly.

everyone please continue to support me too!

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

watching DVD again?
recently, yamapi have been watching plenty of NEWS DVD!?
a few days ago,
he mentioned in his nikki that he was watching NEWS DVD with ryo-chan,
then now this.

maybe this is a way for him to ger himself prepared for the upcoming concert?!
speaking of concert, it's coming!! (so fast!)
and their album too!!

have you ordered your copy yet?!

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  1. 14 years‼
    Pi will always continue to support you~! ^_^