Wednesday, September 15




while i'm thinking that recently my hair has grown quite long
i received
a message from the hairstylist
who has always been helping me in cutting my hair.

it's about time for you to come.

true enough, it's about time to have my hair cut Image and video hosting by TinyPic.

i will visit you soon Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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original posting:-
date: 9.16.2010
time: PM5:57


  1. Sugoi~! I wish my hair stylist did that XD
    I have a habit of growing my hair really long, but recently, just like Pi did, i cut my hair ^__^ Now my hair reaches to about my collarbone!

  2. recently i cut my hair too! i asked the hairstylist to trim the back of my hair and then i have my fringe cut into a bang! XD i missing my bangs a lot that's what made my decision in cutting it cut. haha!