Friday, September 10




today, i made a call to my high school friend.

it's been some time since we get in touch with each other, what are you doing?

i'm in a ferry traveling from Sasebo to Ishikawa.
that's what he said.

are you a historical figure!

today, i'm at home watching the rehearsal DVD.

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lol at pi mocking his friend like a historical figure
it seems like recently, pi have been watching rehearsal DVD at home.
this time concert,
he took it v seriously~♥

we must remember that when we are watching LIVE Concert (be it live or through DVD),
we must truly truly appreciate all their effort and thoughts put into this concert!
moreover, we must remember every single details / words / movements that they did during the concert ^-^

original posting:-
date: 9.11.2010
time: AM3:25

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  1. I can't wait~! ^o^
    I want to see Massu Costumes ^-^