Tuesday, September 21




three days performances in Osaka has ended successfully.
extremely grateful. smile Pictures, Images and Photos

very happy.

thank you for allowing me to spend such bless moments. smile Pictures, Images and Photos

the view seen from the stage is very beautiful.
lights from the penlight
seriously is very pretty.

today, i ate takoyaki!
very delicious very happy, an excellent day
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so fast!
concerts in Osaka has ended.
this means that what remains are the concerts in Tokyo.
after which hopefully they have new single coming up,
and their activities do not decrease X)


  1. omedetou~!
    hopefully a new single comes out, and when it does,
    I hope it include footage from these concerts ^_^

  2. thanks for posting! i have a question..do you know where i can download the concert? thanks :D

  3. @sanndy: i don't think fancam of the entire concert is out, however, some footage from the concert have been released online. you can visit this community in livejournal: http://community.livejournal.com/news_jpop/ to find out who has uploaded these fancams online :)

  4. aha thank you.. btw, i heard that yamapi's getting a new haircut. did he get it yet.? hehe, i really wanna see!

    thanks for posting yamapi's nikki! ^^

  5. haha. this i'm not sure but seeing from the preview photos posted up on livejournal, i don't think he went to cut his hair yet. haha. i wanna see too if he cuts his hair. i'm quite nervous as to what style will he cut?

    and you're welcome! :)

  6. ohh where you from?! aha it will be very nice meeting youu >.< (another yamapi fann)!!

  7. i'm from singapore. hehe. what about you?!

  8. haiii! i am from canada!you got fb?

  9. hi!!! haha. yes. you can find it at the sidebar :) however, please remember to indicate who are you and where are you from. otherwise, i would ignore and reject your invitation as i don't like to add anonymous people into my FB account :D hope you understand. hehe.