Thursday, September 23




right now, i'm listening to music.

when listening to music, i feel that the time went passed very fast.

today, i went to the gym to exercise after what seemed like a long time.

because i finished doing my exercise, i'm hungry
am considering doing fried rice.

today, after this, i'm planning to continue to listen to music
in my room.

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what a leisure day~
this might be a short break for him after NEWS concert in Osaka, before giving his best for those performance in Tokyo.

i want to eat that plate of fried rice!!
wonder will it be only rice and eggs in it?


  1. Music~!♥
    mmmm... fired rice, maybe i will have that tomorrow,
    because right now it's 10:11 p.m. so I don't think it's the time to have fried rice

  2. yarh! i think so too. otherwise your neighbors will be awaken by the smell of your fried rice :D