Saturday, May 1




yesterday, didn't manage to update my nikki (ㄒoㄒ)
sorry /(O.0)\

today too, i was wearing the boxing gloves the entire day!

even though those actions are very difficult!
it really allow me to motivate myself!

it as if i was continuously rekindled
to release my power!

also slightly saw the VTR
it seems like it really is very painful

hope to produce something good

added this wish and worked hard (^o^)

today, i drank the WEIDER IN JELLY too (≥▽≤)

recently, i've been drinking it everyday!

thank you for delivering it to me to drink (∩_∩)

in addition, it seems like the namcha activity happening at Odaiba, has started!

it seems like they will form a very big picture of my look

what will be the style  can't wait (≥▽≤)

because it's an event that has a limit in time
people who are free during the golden week, please come down and participate (^o^)


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original posting:-
date: 5.2.2010
time: PM3:22


  1. are those WEIDER IN JELLY for him???

    tsk tsk tsk...

    are those really good for your body? can he eat dat everyday??

    thnks 4 sharing pi's nikki... ^^

  2. ^0^ All that WEIDER IN JELLY

  3. @duzel: you're welcome. hehe. apparently, yup! those are WEIDER IN JELLY for him :D i think there's no harm in drinking it everyday~