Wednesday, May 5




i'm filming too, today!

right now, behind the school building drinking protein drink!
it seems strong, right

in the process of filming the competition scenes, in a day, i drank several packets of weider protein drink!

because it simply is delicious, therefore, drinking non-stop!

just to say, i drank strawberry flavored!

truly very delicious.

credit baidu

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make me wanna try tasting the strawberry flavored weider-in~

in all the Yamazawa Store that i visited,
i only spotted the green and blue package~!

where are the red ones!!!!

and right now, mr weider-in must be v glad and satisfied that he got pi to endorse his product
as pi can't stop mentioning weider-in in his nikki, these few days,
while filming for AnJ

original posting:-
date: 5.6.2010
time: PM3:16


  1. ahh
    make me wanna try tasting the strawberry flavored weider-in even more because we have no weider-in at all where i am from (Canada)
    i guess i just have to go to Japan XD

  2. arigatou for the hard work as always... am just wondering whether you are in Japan?

    if yes.... waaa envy you....

    I went there last year.

    i really miss their LAWSON & strawberry milk....

    the food are subarashi..... it's strawberries are the best strawberries i've ever eaten...

    Pi & his weider-in-jelly are inseparable... LOL

    thanks again for sharing...^^

  3. @newsxo: :D that's not a solid excuse for wanting to go to Japan, if your parents ask you~ haha.

    @duzel: you're welcome, duzel ^^ nope. unfortunately, i'm not in Japan )= how i wish i could be there right now~ >.< in fact, i never been overseas before. so, envying you right now. hehe.
    yup! can see that pi's new bestie is the weider-in. haha.