Monday, May 24




today, i'm filming too!

now, i'm having dinner during my break time!

very delicious!
thanks so much for the hospitality!

it's a 30 minutes break
so after finishing my meal, the break time is over too.

last time, i will listened to some music.
this way, my tension will get high
after which went to film the next scene.

because this time, the next scene doesn't require my tension to be high     therefore, just nice

on the contrary, very LUCKY Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  1. i miss pi's in akira moment...

    thanks for uploading his akira moment gif...

    thanks for pi's nikki too...^^


  2. you're welcome, duzel :) i don't think pi in the near future will act a character like akira :(

  3. Agree with you...he seems too mature to act in characters with *bouncy* personalities like Akira! (Which is why I bet he won't be able to pull of Yukinojo's character! haha xD though it would be funny to see!!) ...but he's soooo cute when he's Akira!! >_<!

  4. also agree with you, but i'm happy that in real life he still has a bit of Akira personality
    (both links lead to the same video just different points where Pi is like Akira)

  5. @Claire: yup! he's cute when he's Akira. LOL!

    @newsxo: thanks for the links :) yup! i remember NEWS members said that Akira = Yamapi's real self, when they were asked with questions pertaining to Akira this character, during NwP days. haha! moreover, i like the how he genuinely laughed in the video of the second link >< hehe. he makes it seems funnier :D