Thursday, May 27




it has been a long time since it's like this today,
watching movies and tv series at home.

once i see an interesting work
i will be very excited.

i thought of creating an interesting work too.

of course it's the same for music too.

no matter is which kind, watching and listening to good stuff
i feel that it is very important.

i will always constantly cherish this motivation
creating an interesting music and tv series.

because of this, must be more able to
build an environment which
allow one to create something out creatively!

feel that it is a very serious matter
as a result, like a fool, took a very long time to consider it!

everyone who support me!

until now, very grateful to all of you!

for the purpose of, after ten years, letting everyone to recall that they have supported Yamashita-kun, isn't that bad

and so shall work hard. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i am so proud of yama-kun~!
and i think that
IF i were to unfortunately not support him anymore,
i can say that once i'm a big fan of him and/or he's my husband proudly and not-disgracefully.

ganbatte yama-kun!


  1. Haha! I agree fully!! haha ^^ I will be/am Proud to say that I am A HUGE fan of Yamapi/NEWS too!! ^^ Hehe xD Awww^^

  2. you can't help but be proud of Pi when he says things like this ^_^