Saturday, May 8




today, it's been a while since i took a break!

even though thought of having a good sleep
because recently i have been waking up early

therefore, woke up very early today!

relaxingly went for a spin in my car

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i like imagining yamapi taking a spin in his car,
during his free days.
i love to see the image of his cool figure while driving his car

original posting:-
date: 5.9.2010
time: AM1:55


  1. Hello,
    I'm a Yamapi Fan girl too,You have a face book address?Pi-Kun's Nikki is translated on Face Book too...Its nice to see it here as well...Domo...

  2. hello!

    yup! i have a Facebook account. feel free to add me there but please tell me who you are and that you are from my blog, then i will add you back. as i don't really add people i don't know in my FB account :D

    yup! i'm aware of that and i even joined the FB Group ^-^ did you join?! hehe. it's also nice to see you commenting here too :)

  3. kawaii, even though he didn't have too, he woke up early ^_^
    i wonder if the car he drove was this
    or is it different now

  4. @newsxo: thanks for the link. the video was v funny. the fact that they are in the same group and innocent koyama still behaved in that manner is hilarious. haha! hmm. i don't know too~ haha.