Friday, May 14




this morning, the weather is very good!
therefore, the entire day, i have very good mood!

movie filming
and filming for drama which is to be aired every week, is different
slowly elapsed!

thus, for every lighting
or camera position, it's done with careful thoughts!

as a result, able to put in more time to do it, and lacking quite a lot of compromising spots, it truly is great!

changing the topic
namacha's mosaic puzzle
all thanks to everyone who came, then it can be completed!

moreover, it was said to be the largest mosaic puzzle
and approved by the Guinness Record!

very amazing!

very happy!

thank you

hungry for comments and they are love!
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now i know why the filming for a movie take so long to finish.
it's those perfect precision that need to be carried out~

and it's truly is super cool to have your name stated in the Guinness World Record.
for this project,
will they be using the drink company's name or pi-chan's name?! (which i think is unlikely~) hehe.

anyone knows?! ^-^

original posting:-
date: 5.15.2010
time: AM1:45


  1. Yamapi wil a have new drama??

  2. thx 4 the translation...


  3. Filming for a movie takes a very long time,
    even though i haven't made a full length film like what Pi is doing, I have made Short Films, and everything is carried out with careful thought
    so Ganbatte Pi wakarimashita your feelings ^_^