Saturday, May 15




today's weather is very good too!

just like this, my mood will be entirely free from worry

the feeling while filming is brilliant too
felt that today will be a very good day ↑

thinking in my heart and mind
why is summer taking so long to reach

all these things are what i thought today.

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i can't stand HOT weather.
personally, my body is v sensitive to heat.
a slight heat can cause me to perspire like i just finish running my 2.4km.

and my sweat is like a running tap.
so not easy to turn off~

thank goodness that these few days,
it has been raining cats and dogs :D
however, even though it rained heavily,
the temperature, while it's raining and/or after the rain, is super uncomfortably hot and humid~!

but still, am glad that it rained


  1. LOL... Pi's really cant stand cold weather ne...

    but i gotta say that Japan's cold weather is really cold...

    but then again, to see snows falling in your it's priceless...

    i hope pi will start love winter as he love summer...

    thx 4 the translation...^^

  2. Pi I think I stole your summer, where I live it's been really hotter than usual