Tuesday, May 18




today's weather is great!

since this morning, i have doing outdoor filming, therefore felt that i have been slightly sunburned!

i have takeaways for lunch , i'm happy that i'm able to eat warm rice.

toma invited me out for meal after a long time
but because i have to film, truly regretted that i can't go.

however, i'm preparing to go in the near future 

so much anticipation!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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it's the long awaited tomapi love~  ♥♥

pi must be feeling v v sad and disheartening that he couldn't join his best bud for a meal.
don't be sad~
there will be another time :)

and it's that TODAY, i attended my polytechnic graduation ceremony!!!
therefore, i can say for myself that i'm officially graduated from my institution!!
hehe ^-^

i don't know why but at some point of the grad ceremony,
my tears starts to well up.
then i carefully "analysis" why this situation occurred,
i realized that i'm already missing the sucky life of a student.
i'm starting to miss the times when i have to squeeze with all the office people in the train while i'm on my way to school. haha!

and something i learned while i was schooling and that is
"love is truly blind. don't ever get blinded by it!!"

ie. don't always think that your partner is right all the time. he/she isn't a superman. he/she will have this slightest conception that will influence how you judge someone/something. therefore, whatever you do, ask and answer to yourself truthfully.

moreover, when a situation happened not only once in these 3 years of studies, you have to ask yourself why is it that it happened again. ?! there must be something that trigger such situation. sometimes, the situation occurred not because of the other party. but YOU!
so, don't always think that you're perfect and that it must be someone who isn't perfect that trigger off the problem.

and also,
i've gained a clearer picture of what my kind of guy must be like.

while i'm typing this message,
my whole head and eyes are v heavy~
as my grad ceremony is the first session of the day,
and so, i woke up at 6am this morning.
(-.-) *yawns*

but i don't care~!
as i want to share this piece of great news and things which i've learned with everyone~!!

from tomorrow onwards,
i'll be embarking on the new chapter of my adult life~

right now, my feelings are: anticipation and worried.


  1. congratulations! :)

  2. TomoPi♥

    Omedetou‼ ^__^

  3. Hello! congrats on your graduation! I am in my graduating year [yet not exactly graduating] in secondary school, and already I feel that i am going to miss my life as a student, cause once you step into poly, you'll be totally independant deshou? haha xD not to mention, the few years in Poly flies past ne...and very memorable too? haha...I've not experienced a poly life yet soo...haha xD

    Aah~ TomaPi♥ xD

    Thanks for always translating and providing with Yamapi's nikkis... Otsukaresama deshita!! [sorry for writing so much too xD]

  4. wuahhh~!!congratulations!!!^o^
    hmm...i felt the same way when i graduated =D

  5. FINALLY!!!!

    TomaPi moment eventhough they cant together!

    really, im still wonder they in "cold war"..

    thank you so much!

    and congratZ for you!

  6. to everyone commented in this post:
    THANK YOU, minna for congratulating me on my graduation! :)

    @Claire: hi! hmm. not really you must be independent as there are still group projects and stuff. so it isn't everything that you need to get done alone. yup! it really fly real fast. when you're in your last few months as a poly student, you'll start recalling the first day you step into your school, buying laptops and such. then, you realized that,"man~ time flies" it really really seems like the first day was yesterday. hontou ni! :) so after your sec life, you wanna study poly or JC?!

    ahh~ it's ok. no worries. hehe. and you're welcome ^^

    @duzel: hontou!? ahh~ at least there's someone who have the same emotion as me. hehe.

    @tomapiya: they in "cold war"?! and you're welcome!

  7. I'm aiming for a poly but...there's so much choices...I'm not sure still =.= JC is something like school right? rules and everything? I heard Poly has more Hands-on experiences? Hmmm...Still, poly is my first choice. Though my results, I'm aiming for one that get into a JC. [do i make sense? haha ^^]

  8. @Claire: i think i got what you mean. hehe. so in the end, you're aiming for a JC-like result but want to get into a Poly. am i right?! :D yup! if i'm not wrong, JC is like that~?! (if any JC students here wants to explain, please feel free :] thanks in advance) yup! poly has more hands-on experience.