Wednesday, November 3




i made it!!


very simple ingredients.
there is only olive oil, salt and pepper.

very delicious!

very self-contented.

today, i keep writing things which i feel like writing in a notebook, using paper and pen.

very satisfied

credit baidu

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i love spaghetti!!
especially creamy chicken
*licking my lips*
even though this is a very simple dish, i bet something / anything made by him must be v nice!!

why the sudden of wanting to make this?!
i think he must be having a short break from 'Fighting Man' promo, that's why he have the time to make this dish.

and this is a good thing,
as he is preparing himself to be a good husband for the future!!!
being his wife is such a blissful, bless thing~ /(*-*)\

wondering what did he write in his handy-dandy notebook?!
some recipes i guess~

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  1. In his handy-dandy notebook .... Compositions, Songs, Dance Choreography, the usual for Pi XD
    mmmm spaghetti!! Now I have the sudden urge to go to Italy ^-^