Sunday, November 28




today, there's Johnny's Jr.'s
i appeared in it for a while.
all the kids who participated in the audition, held three days ago,
danced with all their might!

i recalled my elementary days memories too

there are a lot of happy as well as sad memories.

those songs which i sang during my Jr. days,
i sang it too in the concert.
right now, i've sang it three times.
in conclusion, it's very reminiscing

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i saw this piece of news on livejournal.
apparently, yamapi and kame sang songs together!!
and this show will be broadcasted on the last day of 2010.
mr. johnny is saying that he hope this program will be an annual event like kouhaku competition (or something like that - the title of the show).

and and and.
watchful21@lj was saying that pi went to trim his hair!!!
the photos can be found under this link:

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  1. ^o^
    If it turned into an annual event that would be interesting, Johnny's Jr. in the day time and then countdown for sempais at night