Saturday, November 6




ryo-chan's birthday is on the third!
therefore, a Birthday party was held a few days ago!

although it's a bit pity that Jin isn't here

it's good to have friends
i'm thinking this!

even though generally i will feel that this is something that occurred naturally
must cherish your friends

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a birthday party from jin's troop to dear ryo-chan~
oh! by the way, happy belated birthday, ryo-chan!!!
so sorry that i forgot to say this to him on the actual date.
it slips off my mind =X

wonder how did all of them celebrate with ryo-chan?
hopefully, there are a few papa pictures or fan reports being done somewhere online~

original posting:-
date: 11.07.2010
time: AM12:51


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Ryo-chan!!!
    I made a fanvid for ryo on his actual birthday and I completed it with a few hours left on his birthday too, but when I tried to make a finish copy, it wouldn't work :( but now I have a final copy, now all I have to do is upload it ^_^

  2. @newsxo: ahh~ that sucks. i would hate it if that happens to me >.< ganbatte in uploading it~<3 hehe.