Saturday, November 13




recently i got a present from my sister: a pillow!

it feels great using this pillow to sleep.
it must be this feeling when an angel is sleeping on a cloud above~
was thinking about this while falling asleep.

besides that, it ables me to reduce my fatigue too
the pillow is the best!

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yamapi should endorse on this product,
he is a perfect ambassador.

maybe i should buy an angel pillow too.
for these past years, i'm feeling v lethargic.
if i were to buy this pillow, i might be able to sleep continuously for a couple of days (without having to eat).

it was sweet for Rina to buy such a pillow for his brother - knowing that he is working on an irregular hours.
and imagining pi sleeping soundly on a cloud is uber kawaii desu~


  1. Ooooouuunn! Kawaii!
    Pi-chan tchoo kawaii! *-*
    Nee, where do you get Yamapi's diary? From cellphone or some website?

  2. ^o^ Pi, comparing his pillow like an angel sleeping on a cloud ^o^
    Whatever pillow Rina got him, I want it too♥

  3. @mim: from a Chinese website :)

    @newsxo: i bet the pillow that Rina got for him is something v expensive. whatever thing pi uses, is v expensive. example the bling-bling knitted cap that he wore in loveless pv and those crescent luna's necklace *faint*