Sunday, November 21




i'm working too, today!

yesterday, after a long time, i chatted on the phone with Toma!

he said he is filming a movie in Kyoto.

and pleaded me
once he comes to Tokyo, bring him along to the gym centre

he said that he is thinking of wanting to perspire together

next, i got to do recording.

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hisashiburi tomapi labu!! ♥ ♥
2 ikemen exercising at the gym centre together - suteki scenery!

and ganbatte pi!!
produce nice, beautiful music for us!
can't wait for your first album and concert!!


  1. Thanks for this!
    I was waiting for this since last night ^__^
    TomaPi so cuteeee! :)

  2. TomoPi~
    I really can't wait to hear what Pi comes out with ^o^

  3. hi! er do you know where i can buy tickets of his 2011 concert in hong kong?? thanks! ^^
    you can give me the link also

  4. @~hAti bErgEL0jaK!~: ya!! i love to see tomapi together! hehe. you're welcome and sorry for the wait >.< haha! keep on reading his nikki!! :)

    @Anonymous: you can bookmark this webpage:

    once information about the tickets are out, they will update it there. if not, in that website, they provided links to the organiser's, ticket selling company's, etc FB page. you can check how by visiting their FB page ^-^