Thursday, November 25




this morning after i woke up, i cooked fried egg.

while eating this very ordinary breakfast, i thought about a lot of things!

work matters, personal matters, good friends' matters!
and also thought about when can i poke the egg yoke of the fried egg

it will be great if i got to work slightly harder, etc. thought about a lot of things!

yesterday, i read letters sent to me
by fans!

what was written in the letter was, even though i don't really talk to my father that often
i thought of inviting him to watch [Ashita no Joe] the movie together.

if it's because of me
became more harmonious with family members, that will be great.

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pi is really crazy with eggs these few weeks.


  1. first hard boiled eggs, now fried eggs, I think next will be scrambled ^_^

  2. maybe. haha. i think fried egg is slightly difficult to cook - i can't seem to catch the timing of when i should remove the egg from the pan. haha. scrambled is much easier :)