Tuesday, November 23




good evening

i finished my work, and right now i'm at home

meanwhile i'm cooking rice right now.

actually, nothing much, it's just rice cooking

if not, i shall add an egg on top of it

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this time it isn't hard-boiled egg (recently, pi loves to eat hard-boiled egg - evidences from recent magazine interviews).

i notice,
recently yamapi keep mentioning that he cooks~
what makes him wanna start cooking for himself?!
might this also mean that he isn't living with his mother and sister?!

original posting:-
date: 11.24.2010
time: AM12:09


  1. It sounds like he is living alone,
    on music station he mentioned how he bought a chair and then the uchiwas on his couch, they look there all signs that he living alone

  2. woo~ yarh! i remember reading from somewhere that he had rented an apartment outside and that he is living alone. hehe. thanks for reminding me :)