Wednesday, April 7




i cut my hair

extremely fresh and cool!

i want to put together all my energy and challenge the movie

a change in my thoughts and properly work hard!!

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OMG!!! he cut his hair!!!

it must be quite short since he said,"fresh and cool".
i wonder how does it look like?!
*anxious anxious anxious*
and will pi spike his hair into mohawk style while filming the movie?!
since the main character (anime form) in the movie,
has this super mohawk hairstyle.

is there other programs which NEWS will be featured on, for the following days?!

ah huh!
or during the next month's magazine photo shoot,
then we'll get to see it!!!

by the way,
i read it somewhere online that for Shige's new drama,
NEWS will be singing the theme song for it!!!
and the title of this theme song is 'FUNKY BABY'
(if i'm not wrong) xP
from the title,
it seems like it will be something like Koi no ABO that kind of wacky song.
or something like that


  1. BALD?? That would be fresh and cool!!!

  2. LOL. but i don't think so~ since the main character (in anime form) doesn't have bald head. haha. and i don't think johnny-san would allow him to shave off his hair =D

  3. Waaaa!! I wonder what haircut he has now!
    unfortunately, no more upcoming guestings for NEWS :(
    the new single (fr shige's drama) is BE FUNKY! :)
    (this is krissy again btw)

  4. @babyshazam: haha. you have so many identity in virtual world :D no more guestings for NEWS!!!! WHAT!! their promos for 'Sakura Girl' is so short and so fast!!! *haiis* then i think we'll have to wait for either the next single or next month's magazine photoshoot *haiis~*

    oops! it's BE FUNKY?! lol. i've mistaken. thanks for the correction :)

  5. new hair cut!!!!

    yahooo!!~~ am so excited...!!

    thanks for sharing.... cant wait...kakoi yamapi...

    btw they only started shooting his movie rite? is that means we only be able to watch it around next yr??

  6. Thank YOU for translate it♥

    "extremely fresh and cool!"
    wow. ..i want to see him as fast as it be.
    he intend to his new drama so much,, Ganbatte!!

  7. @duzel: you're welcome :) yup! they just started filming his movie. and yup! it's been said that the movie will be showing next year and if i'm not wrong, around March or April or during summer ^-^ hehe.

    @Anonymous: even though i don't know you are but you're welcome ^-^ yup! me too! i wanna see him as fast as possible too~!! hehe.

  8. A New Haircut?!
    Hope we get to see it soon ^_^