Saturday, April 17




today, very cold

these few days, keep feeling that the weather was rather unusual!

heard that the sea pollution is worsening every year!

even though i am the only one who is alert by it and nothing will be changed......

if everyone who read this entry

are able to separate the waste a little bit more detailed

things which are able to reuse and recycle, then let it reuse and recycle to its greatest extent

although it's a minor matter, once everyone's effort combined

it's hard to say whether major changes will produce

even though i saw this kind of report on television often, i'll see and just like it be

but when i heard the sea pollution is worsening every year

truly felt that we shouldn't let the ocean get polluted

therefore, i wrote this entry today

wait till i'm 60 years old, i still wants to swim in the blue ocean!

even though my motives are simple and pure

this matter absolutely benefit the Earth

so, everyone please collaborate!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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when it comes to his beloved ocean,
he becomes very alert.
pi oh pi~

yup! i did , pi-sama!
often i recycled used paper by using/writing things on the other side of the paper
and i feel so proud of myself for doing that.
i feel like i saved some parts of a tree

in addition,
i tend to collect receipt after i made my purchases and write things on the other side of the paper too.

in short,
i realize that i tend to be "resourceful" when it comes to paper

what about the rest of you?
what are the things which you did - that saves the Earth, and you're proud of it.
please feel free to share it with us!
i'll be glad to read your ideas ^-^


  1. good boy, i'm with you yama chan !
    me, at home, we don't flush the toilet everytime............... i know, gross. ;p but true.

  2. aw... Pi is so cute ^w^
    i run around in my house and turn lights of xD
    then i tell my family to turn of the light when they're not in the room and they just look weird at me =O

  3. Aww Pi and his ocean ♥
    For me it would be pretty much anything that can be recycled, I'll recycle it, oh and my friends and I don't throw anything away, we try to be resourceful as we can

  4. @yumett: LOL. hmm. it's a bit gross but i heard of other people doing this too. hehe.

    @Ajumi: YARH! i did this often too, when i'm at home. it seems like it's such a waste for the electricity to run when there's no one in the room/that area. haha! don't worry, you're not weird. you're doing a good deed for Mother Earth :D

    @newsxo: that's great~! ^-^ keep up the good work