Wednesday, April 14




yesterday, gathered 14 guys

to celebrate my birthday!

i truly is
very bless!

thanks to these passionate friends!

really thank you!

right now, i'm going to eat soba alone!

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although it's a little late to celebrate your birthday,
it's great to celebrate it with your big group of friends ne~
and yes!
you are really very bless, yamapi-chan!

you should double cherish your friends~!

and i think these group of 14 guys must be his high school friends (this is only my guessing, it is not a definite answer. hehe.)


  1. thanks for sharing pi's nikki...


  2. It's great that Pi got to celebrate it with a group of friends, even though it's a little late to celebrate his birthday but as long as he had a good time then it's all good