Tuesday, April 13




a big thank you to everyone for your continuous support!

heard that right now, there are still people who listen to LOVE LESS
truly very happy

i will properly cherish everyone's support for me
i truly think so!

today, practiced boxing again

tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, going to practice boxing too!

everyday, i truly has nothing to do except eating, filming
and boxing!

in addition to these, probably it's sleeping!

in conclusion, feel like going to places like theme park, etc

hungry for comments and they are love!
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or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

almost everyday, i'm living the same routine life too.
i know how YOU feel, yamapi-san~

right now,
how i wish i could go back to my carefree, everyday-internet-life!!!
as i want to surf the internet and fangirl for the entire day!!

after having these thoughts running through my head,
i started telling myself that," suffer first, enjoy later."
and hopefully, it can really come true that i'm able to fly to Taiwan to attend KAT-TUN concert in August!!!

hopefully i'm able to make my wish come true


  1. First of all, hopes your wish comes true, as well as Pi's and Ne Pi ! I listened to Loveless Single all day on your birthday.
    I wonder what he would think if I told him that.

  2. lol. i think when you tell him that, his first reaction will be to look at you with his big eyes (the-are-you-serious-look) and say,"majide?" lol. then, he will thank you gratefully ^-^ also, most probably, he will remember you. hehe.

  3. wonder if u would be able to see. but oh man. i also wish to fly over to taiwan to watch their concert!!! but uni will start then already. only free durin weekends leh. zzz.

    and today i heard loveless!! haha. on yes933fm. cos a yamapi fangirl emailed the dj to get her to play. and she mentioned many stuffs bout yamapi too hahaha. being a very humble star even when he's sooo popular! cos he thanked everyone for the bdae wishes in his blog ^^

    sayin so much. u aint that person rite?.. haha. if it is den im so dumb haha.

  4. @penguin1990: hi! saw your message left on this post. hehe. arh! so you're waiting to be enrolled into uni, right now?!

    haha. i saw your message on my cbox with regards to loveless being played on yes933. thanks for informing me. hehe. so what did the dj said about pi? *curious* hehe. just a brief summary will do ^-^

    nope. i'm not that person. haha! so you're not dumb. hehe xP