Thursday, April 22




recently, i've been reading manga often!
it's a manga that is currently very popular.

it's something related to the pirates !

to already say till this part, i guess everyone should know

right now after i reached home, i'll start reading, it has become my daily homework

totally cannot stop!
it's true

although i'm still in the midst of going home right now
i'm thinking
how come haven't reach home yet!

in that case, see ya tomorrow Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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of course i know~
it has something to do with "bravo bravo" this song.


and just when i was talking to my friend this afternoon about comic rental shop.
wonder whether pi rent those mangas or he bought it.

if he were to buy and collect this manga,
he must have a very big shelf to contain every single volume of this manga

once i thought of collecting all the volumes of 'Koizora', 'Hana Kimi', 'Zettai Kareshi' and 'Hana Yori Dango'
just something random i feel like telling everyone


  1. ahahahahaha One piece maybe?

  2. i like today's entry....

    am LOL of him being otaku..

    i reckoned it was one piece too...

    thanks for sharing pi's nikki..... it really made my day bright...


  3. "it's something related to the pirates !"
    As soon as I read this, I thought One Piece
    Can you imagine if he did buy an collect this manga, the only things in his apartment would be scattered clothes, mangas, and lost sunglasses XP

  4. @duzel: i like this entry too. hehe. and you are really welcome :) and thanks for telling me that my translation has made your day bright as consequently, it has made mine too. hehe. if pi became an otaku, he will be the most handsome otaku ever! :D psst, i don't mind him being an otaku =X

    @newsxo: haha! same! when i read that sentence, the first manga that came to my mind was One Piece too! :D

    and i love this sentence "the only things in his apartment would be scattered clothes, mangas, and lost sunglasses". totally LOL at it when i read it and it's so true~~ i can imagine it already. haha!