Saturday, April 24




today very cold too!

by all means, do take note not to catch a cold!

today, i wrote lyrics!

sooner or later, it will be published for everyone to see!

i will work hard!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

composed a song!

wonder will it be released in NEWS' next single?!
together with 'BE FUNKY' song.

yup pi!
i'll pay attention to myself not to catch a cold.
recently, over here in this part of my country, the weather is slightly crazy.
it has been quite sunny in the afternoon and then it rained very heavily in the evening (well, crazy weather~)

everyone, please do take care of yourself~!


  1. well luckily in Japan that its cold.
    It's so hot in here,
    in my country[Philippines]

    thanks for sharing,,

    let's all look forward to the songs wrote by our beloved YamaPi! ^^

  2. Lyrics ! ^0^
    Yes Pi, i'll try to make sure I don't catch a cold (*whispers* but i already fear i have one)

  3. I sure hope NEWS is releasing SOON!

  4. yasashi ne...

    arigatou pi!!

    thanks for sharing this...

    am really excited knowing that he's composing again...

    do u reckon if it's for new single/album?? awww... that will be great...

    yosh!! gambatte NEWS!

  5. @Yuka: you're welcome :) yup! i'm looking forward to it already. hehe.

    @newsxo: on behalf of pi,"oh no! please be careful ne~" hehe.

    @duzel: you're welcome ^-^ yup! that's what came to my mind when i was translating this entry. hehe. what about you?! OR MAYBE he is composing songs for his movie - Ashita no Joe?! *wondering*