Thursday, April 29




for these past two days, i prepared my own meal.

actually recently i don't prepare my meal

but to practice boxing
to eat at home is still better!

quite lonely having this meal.

wait till the movie is over, feel like having fast food

I'm lovin' it

hungry for comments and they are love!
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another hint:
"ba la ba ba bah~"

pi likes to give hints in his nikki.

come to think of it,
it has been some time since i ate KFC

~~the tender original-flavored chicken~~
feel like putting a bucket of original-flavored chicken
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on my lap now and EAT!


  1. hmm... KFC...

    lol... i know how you feel... i've been trying to endure to not eat KFC...

    thanks for sharing...

    to the lovely pi... how come you didn't call us...hahhaha...

    am sure we're pretty keen /happy to accompany you, right guys...

    i thought he has a lot of friends??? feel sorry for him... gambatte pi!!

  2. lol~ he was craving for mcd...
    exactly like me~... XDD
    ganbare pi-chan!

  3. no one accompany him in eating?
    that's so lonely..
    if we can only accompany him, ne?

    thanks for sharing!

  4. "quite lonely having this meal"
    HAI *raise hand* hai, hai, hai, hai
    hehe i'll say for all the fans Pi that were here for you,
    if you ever need 10, 000 or so more friends to go hangout with after the movie, were here for you Pi ^__^

    (Sorry if this is turning into a weird comment but it's starting to get late were i am hehe)

    "I'm lovin' it" hehe Pi's craving mcd's
    ganbatte pi, ganbatte to you too with KFC haha

  5. @duzel: you're welcome :) and thanks for understanding how i felt about KFC. haha! yes! without hesitation, we will be glad to accompany our dear pi~♥

    @Yuka: you're welcome ^-^ yup! if only~ *dreaming away*

    @newsxo: *imaging the scene of 10,000 and more fans gathering at one place to accompany our dear pi~* it will be a magnificent scent neh~ :D thanks for your encouragement for me with my KFC. XD