Sunday, April 11




today is the start of the filming of
the movie
[Ashita no Joe]!

to start with, we filmed a boxing scene!

extremely happy!

for the remaining filming, starting tomorrow, i will try not to hurt myself and work hard in filming it!

today, i ate
two soft boiled eggs

yolks which are semi-cooked are simply delicious!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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the first shot for the movie already allow him to "show off" his boxing skill!!
that's great ne~

wonder whether will this scene be the first scene for the movie too?
and was he half-naked while doing this shot?

after translating this entry,
it also makes me wonder how will this particular scene be filmed?
will it sort of a brief "summary" of this particular character life
or otherwise?

can't wait it to be finished!!!!

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  1. Omedetou, first shot + "showing off" his boxing skills = Greatness ! (Hopefully half-naked as well hehe)