Saturday, April 10




today, welcome the most fantastic birthday!

this year, the number of short birthday-blessing messages received
as compared with previous years, were more than usual!

stepping into a beautiful age
i thought this way!

since a long time ago, grateful to everyone!

in the future, please take care of me too!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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today, in order to celebrate pi's birthday,
my sister and i went to have a "feast" at a humble restaurant at Marina Square

i thought of placing candles on top of the chicken cutlet that i ordered
but on a second thought,
i think it's a bit crazy to do that (since the entire restaurant consist only the two of us and the employees) LOLx.

here are the food which are included in the set which i ordered
and they are:

Chicken Cutlet with Fries

Chicken Cutlet with Fries + Garlic Bread (on top)

the chicken cutlet is nice, only when you add some salt in it

then my sister's share of Breaded Fish Fingers with Fries

our dessert ~ Mini Chocolate Nuts Ice Cream

this dessert was freaking good.
i like the nuts and the ice cream.
basically, everything in this dessert ^-^

i'm hungry again~

and also i bought unofficial Gokusen 3 SP and Zettai Kareshi SP DVD!!
uber excited now!

i can see tama-chan in Goku3 SP and Mokomichi in Zettai SP!!


  1. hmmmm.....oishiii...

    am super hungry now...

    thanks for sharing pi's nikki...

    he sounds sad? is nobody celebrating his bday? just msg?
    poor pi...^^

  2. the food looks delicious! Thaks for the trans

  3. AHAHAHA i just noticed i changed from LJ to blogspot :P
    thanks for always translating his nikki!! if you didnt do it we wouldnt know so much about him.
    mmmm food looks soooo nice :D im glad fans go around and celebrate his b-day ^____^!

  4. the dessert looks soooooooo good
    oishii ! >.< (Pi moment)
    i'm glad he had a fantastic birthday
    and you had a fantastic meal ^_^
    The way I celebrated his birthday was by playing NEWS - Happy Birthday and Pi's songs all day

  5. awww...lots of message for Pi-sama...
    food looks sooo good!
    now i'm hungry XD

  6. @everyone: so sorry minna, for making each and everyone of you so hungry after reading this entry >.< but indeed, the chocolate dessert is feaking nice!! whuahahahahaha =P

    @duzel: you're welcome :) arh! right now it strikes to me that yamapi seems to be celebrating his birthday alone~ *ahh~!* it must be his filming for AnJ, that's why he doesn't have the free time to meet up with friends >.< and also maybe his bestie, JIN, is busy preparing for his solo concert in LA, that's why he didn't have the time to celebrate with pi-chan *ahh~!* now it really seems like pi-chan is really very pity x(

    @hope-rei: you're welcome. hehe.

    @Shige Kamenashi: LOLx. you're welcome and thanks for commenting here :) at least, right now, you know that you can convert from LJ to blogspot :D so how did you celebrate his birthday?!

    @newsxo: oichi! LOL. nice one ^-^ ah! that's something with regards to celebrating his birthday - playing his songs for the entire day. maybe next year, i shall do that too! ^-^ hehe.

  7. uwaa~ pi celebrated his bday with his sister on the same day my cousin and i celebrated it XD

    aww, he wanted to put candles on his chicken. it's ok pi, we put candles on our cake and blew them out for you haha happy birthday!!!

    and i wasn't even planning on celebrating his bday in the first place LOL

    thanks for translating ^^