Monday, August 2




i didn't update yesterday

today, i went to TEGOMASS' concert

the two guys from the same group
are extremely lively
makes one feel happy

thought of doing a concert

NEWS' concert

because something good will be produced, thus must come and play

and, have you listened to [One in a million]?

those who have not listened to it yet

please go and purchase the CD to listen to it!
please support me~!
today, the weather is hot too~

Summer is the best

hungry for comments and they are love!
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there's so many smiley faces in today's nikki entry.

and pi went to watch tegomass' concert!!
that's shocking~!
it seems rare that pi will attend members' event as he is v v v busy with his schedule.
this is a hard to get opportunity.

people who have attended this concert are v lucky,
they get to see all NEWS members apparently (for kei's case = shige is holding his uchiwa. LOL!)

and yup! i heard all the songs in 'One in a million'!! ^o^
basically, even though i keep saying there's nothing special with OIM,
other tracks on this single are surprisingly nice.
moreover, i think these tracks are nicer than most of the B-side tracks in 'Loveless' single

after listening to all the tracks,
one track that has been stuck in my head will be 'Flavor Favor For You'.
i love the way pi sang at the beginning of the song.
his sexy voice~

i don't mind keeping it on loop in my iPod ♥

original posting:-
date: 8.4.2010
time: AM12:09


  1. So many smiley faces ^o^
    I did listen to all OIM too, but the real song that I have on reply now is the song from SBS footage called Yours Baby...

  2. hmm. i shall listen to it once i get my hands on my LE A. hehe.