Saturday, August 14




even though it's a private event, today,
i celebrated grandpa's birthday with my family!!
after i grow up, the chances for me to gather with my family is greatly reduced
after a long time, i had a meal with everyone
once again i felt the importance of family!

i'm going to work hard tomorrow too Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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last night, i went to watch BEAST's performance at The Promotory @ Marina Bay!!
this concert was a celebration for the YOG, and before BEAST's performance it was 4minute
but they (4minute) ain't the main point.

finally, i got my chance to see Ki Kwang and BEAST performed!!
Ki Kwang is so cute~ and his muscles are WHAO!
he was once called 'the baby-face member with big muscles'
if he were to grow taller, it will be better ^-^

and from my observations,
i noticed that he loves to exhibit his chocolate-abs, every now and then, which i have no intention in complaining about it X)
keep it up, kikwang ^0^

after having watched their performance last night,
i'm hoping that they will hold a concert tour soon and this concert tour includes Singapore.
then i am able to enjoy watching their concert with proper seat and view, in an air-conditioning hall and watching them perform more songs than before.


so sorry for this random "report" which has nothing to do with pi and NEWS
i just feel like noting down this feeling and excitement into my blog so that in the future when i read it,
i can recall this excitement.

by the way,
it has been announced that NEWS will be releasing their fourth album titled 'LIVE' on Sept 15!!!!! (yatta!)
and all of you can preorder your copy online via websites like cdjapan, play asia and yesasia.

moreover, just to tell everyone,
there are 2 versions for this album - LE and RE.
LE include a DVD which features 30 minutes of their Unplugged Live and the making of this Unplugged Live but i have a question, where and when is this Unplugged Live held? *question marks all over my head*

it's interesting that it's a unplugged though

i am so going to be broke because of this sudden activeness from NEWS and yamapi but i am glad.

alright then i shall end off here.


  1. For some reason I can imagine NEWS unplugged being at Tokyo Dome, but that can't be it, so I wonder where it is held???
    Happy belated birthday Pi's grandpa ^_^

  2. unplugged at Tokyo Dome is a bit ........ i don't think it's a good venue to do unplugged concert there. it will have plenty of echos during their live. then this spoils the entire feel of the concert. don't you think? hehe.