Sunday, August 8




today, i had recording!

my mood is great!

when i'm free
i;m thinking of practicing my singing approximately four times a week!

if i'm able to sing heartily out
that will be perfect

of course, right now i'm able to sing it out outright too
but i will still need to work harder!

i will work hard

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

dear pi,
someday your hard work will pay off

right now, the difference in your singing technique is quite obvious.
compare loveless with daite senorita,
loveless has a softer tone whereas daite is like screaming all the way.

also compare love song and world is yours,
where there's the falsetto part?!,
love song sounded like a rough turn whereas world is yours is a turn which you turned smoothly.

do continue to work hard in your singing techniques,
one day you might able to tackle a v difficult song.

we have faith in you ^-^


  1. I'm back, i've been remodeling my LJ and working on new fanvids ^_^

  2. welcome back! hehe. it's okay. i'm sorry for the late reply too, i've been rather busy with my work lately. everyday when i reached home from work, i would be v sleepy and lazy to turn my PC on. most of the time i will update pi's nikki in the office, so i have to do it quickly. hence, i couldn't reply to your comments >.< gomen!

    remodeling your livejournal? you changed your layout and background picture?! i'll visit your lj when i'm free :)