Monday, August 9




in the summer season,
my friend went to the beach
almost everyday  

he is becoming darker by each day

i want to go to the beach too~!
thought this way!

feel like surfing~
to eat curry at the beach house~
is considering this matter

ok! decided!
i shall go tomorrow

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i bet, tomorrow all beaches near Tokyo will be crowded.
maybe fans might not want to make it so obvious,
hence passersby might find a number of girls hiding in the bushes and stuff like that.

hope we will be able to see a much tanned pi.

but if i'm not mistaken,
there's one time during his promotion for OIM,
his skin is quite tanned.
somehow, that tanned isn't reflected from his skin now.
which means that he is someone with a skin which returned to its original color quite fast.

well, i'm one of those person.
you can never see me with a tanned skin, for a long period of time

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  1. now i want to go surfing~!
    curry sounds good too, maybe i'll have that tonight ^_^