Saturday, August 7




yesterday, i wasn't able to update

today, there's a little free time, so went for a spin in my car!

my mood entirely changed!

just that these few days it is really very hot, everyone please be careful!

by all means don't think that replenishing water in your body is troublesome

change of subject
yesterday, after such a long time, i had a chat with my grandma.
always saying "don't catch a cold! warm yourself up by showering properly!"

since young, the words she said to me never change at all.

a little reminiscing, from the bottom of my heart hoping that grandma will live healthily, taking care of her body.

during the holiday period, i'm thinking that there will be a lot of people whom grandpa and grandma will be seeing,
must treat elderly gently~~

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love this post~♥
love it when pi mentioned his family members in his nikki ^-^

take care pi's grandpa and grandma~!


  1. Good boy, right? =D And gentle..
    thanks for nikki again =) =)

  2. Awww ^_^
    Take care Pi's grandpa and grandma♥

  3. @Dilara: you're welcome. yup! it showed the gentle side of him. yasashii ne~