Tuesday, August 24




have not been updating for two days.
letting everyone to wait for so long, very sorry

work is about to end soon too
so squeeze out some time to meet up with some friends, after a long time

my mood isn't that bad after having my lunch
had a short leisure time

since early morning today, had crazy shoot with the members of NEWS!

right now, it's about to end,
still have to slightly work hard for a while

the photo is taken recently during my stroll
i saw that the sunset is very beautiful therefore took it!

look everyone

credit baidu

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why is it that i don't feel any excitement from pi by finally having the chance to meet up with the members?!
or is it that i'm hallucinating.

and mentioning that he met up with some of his friends,
and maybe having lunch with them.
does it means that he didn't have lunch with the members!?

September is coming which means that their album and concert are coming too!!

have all of you ordered your copy yet?
(i haven't xP)


  1. if your hallucinating, then i'm hallucinating too
    :O I guess he doesn't have lunch with the members... what i like about this entry is the last part "look everybody", it reminds of a little kid showing something off

    and nope, i haven't ordered my copy yet either, my wallet is saying "NO~!" but my heart is saying "I NEED IT~!"