Wednesday, August 18




so hot.

because the weather is very hot, in the middle of the night i was awaken by the heat.

finally i know what is it called 'can't sleep for the whole night'.

please be careful not to get heat stroke
got to drink more water. ↑

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hai, mother yamapi~♥
he sounded like our mother, having to repeat his words many times ^0^

moreover in this entry,
i got to know that everyday, pi always have good night sleep.
that's great ne~!
having insomnia because of work stress is something which i am afraid i will get, these few weeks/years.
i'm really hoping that i will not get this "sickness" in the future~

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  1. I glad i live in a place that gets cold at night, apparently in japan it's a constant heat ^o^ Ganbatte with the heat Pi!