Friday, August 20




today, it's a hot summer too!

recently, my friend
invited me to go fishing with him/her!

in fact, i have not properly went for fishing up until now
therefore to be honest, i do not know what the feeling will be like.

if i were to say
i have a feeling that i will not fish anything out.

but to people who love fishing, they will say they will fish something out
fishing is something that makes you very happy, so let's go!

in conclusion
seeing for oneself is better than hearing from others
having this saying
decided to go to a nearby place to fish

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that friend should go find Shige instead.
Shige will be glad to accompany pi's friend, meanwhile making new friend.
it's killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
it's another idiom :D

wonder did pi fish any fish out?

original posting:-
date: 8.21.2010
time: PM4:03

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  1. Yes, Shige should go with Pi's friend, I bet Pi message Shige and quickly asked about fishing ^_^

    Random info: my computer won't let me listen to anything else but Pi's music, my music is on shuffle right now and every time I go next song it always one of Pi's songs haha