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during interview
i was fumed when we were talking about haunted house!

like this .

talking about haunted house, i'm fumed
if i got scared at the haunted house
immediately, i will get angry

therefore, i don't understand the thoughts of people who go to the haunted house intentionally
hoping to get frighten

does everyone like
the haunted house?

sometimes when i saw people crying due to being afraid
i will feel pity for them
but i will also think of saying
"if you are afraid then why in the first place do you still want to enter it" to them!

however, if you want to test out the feeling of being frightened, then Let's go!

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does the last sentence means pi also want to vist a haunted house too?! X)

i quite admire him being frank that he is afraid of the haunted house and disliking being scared of by something.
as i believe some men would not admit this weakness in them and pretend to be man, in fact, they aren't.
hence, i think pi must have given quite a number of thoughts of being so honest about being scare of the haunted house, etc.
and i think it must be quite amusing to see pi being frightened off by the haunted house.
what an evil fan i am xP

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  1. to answer Pi's question, i don't mind haunted house, but my friends love them, even though there easily scared haha ^_^