Sunday, October 3

no entry

there's no entry from pi,
last night~


  1. I read Shige cut his hair from Kei-chan jweb entry of course XD
    and yes I have observed that Masse and Pi are close to each other lately, soon Pi will be mentioning that him and Massu are doing dance practice and working out together XD and oh yes, food! since they both seem to like it so much XD

  2. haha!! that's right! where can you get the latest information on the NEWS members other than in koyamama's jweb?! haha!
    haha!! that will be uber cute. i quite like them to hang out together :) i think it will be cute too if pi were to mention that he went shopping with massu in the future. hehe. then there will be loads of massupi love!! <3