Wednesday, October 20




yesterday while playing my guitar,
i composed

in the midst of playing, i played the song that i first composed
LOVE SONG Image and video hosting by TinyPic

thinking of wanting to quickly compose a new song

because the chances of having nice tune
to float into my mind
is slim
for the next "meeting", i will properly work hard
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right now
i'm dying to eat a hamburger!  Image and video
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hungry for comments and they are love!
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you know what i am thinking?
i'm thinking that it will be great if yamapi can play an instrument (eg. piano, guitar) during his solo part in NEWS concert.
i think that will be awesome!!
*imagining pi playing in front of a white spinet wearing black tux*
*swooned Image and video hosting by TinyPic*

and yay for potential new song!! ^-^


  1. Pi's always composing~ it's in his blood, along with dancing
    I can't wait to know more about this new song, possibly a solo song when NEWS have there next tour XD

  2. yes yes yes!! a solo song for their next tour! hehe. however, it will be best if he can write it for NEWS; it will be a group song instead of a solo song. i don't think pi has done it (composing a song for NEWS to sing) yet. therefore, it will be a fresh move if he does :)