Saturday, October 30




today, because of [Music Station]
we are at TV Asahi

during the intermittence between the rehearsal and
the pre-actual performance, i accepted an interview from SEVENTEEN

soon, it will be the official live

today, we will be singing together with the audience

everyone please dance and sing
happily with us

lastly, i would like to wish everyone
happy weekend

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i knew it!
i knew pi will update his nikki yesterday because NEWS appeared on Music Station last night :D
i knew pi too well.

for those of you who have not seen it yet,
you can see it under this link:

i think this song is growing in me every single day~

i ♥ NEWS
i ♥ Fighting Man!!


  1. thanx..pi always remember to write his nikki although he is makes me love him more...

    gabatte pi chan ^^...thanx for transalation ^^

  2. Music Station♥ It seems Pi really had fun with that performance ^_^