Saturday, October 9




very sorry, didn't really update my nikki!

recently, i was quite busy

yesterday's work was related to 《ashita no joe》!
met up with director and producer whom i have not meet for quite some time!

both of them said to me, it seems like the work was done quite well!

i can't wait for it too.

changing the topic, previously for the first time in my life, i had african cuisine! 

even though it's very spicy, it's super delicious
it's an excellent life experience too Image and video hosting by TinyPic

it's a never-experience-before new taste

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woo~ african cuisine~
i wonder what food do they have?!
i've never tried it before too!!

this reminds me,
recently i've been to an indian restaurant for a farewell lunch for one of my colleagues.
that is the very first time i visit an indian restaurant and i was very puzzle and clueless as to what to order.
thank goodness the colleague who is leaving, she ordered some food before we stepped into the restaurant so i save the trouble of scratching my head to think of what to eat.

in conclusion,
i like naan (which tasted something like roti prata but less crispy), papadam (it's an indian keropok but slight salt-ish) and a cheese-based curry?! (i'm not aware of what is it called but i almost finished 1 whole plate of it =X )

it was a fun, interesting and fresh experience.

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date: 10.10.10
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  1. african cuisine... no clue either
    mmm, indian food, I had it for the first time this summer too ^-^
    "even though it's very spicy, it's super delicious" Pi will always love anything that's spicy,
    that reminds me, recently I took Pi advice and I had yakisoba with hot sauce, it was good! and because I was sick the spice really helped ^_^

  2. what indian dish did you had?
    yup! can see that he love spicy food. however, Jap curry ain't that spicy like what you would have imagine it to be. hehe. when you took pi's advice, are you suffering from running nose?! it's great that it helped. and i think pi will be glad that his advise help you with your sickness :D