Monday, October 4




good evening! (^0^)

recently, i have this strong feeling that
if i don't learn a variety of things, that wouldn't do!

be it singing, be it dancing, be it talking!

if i don't use the time efficiently,
it seems like i can't make it on time (laugh)

if i were to stop working hard
i will stay in that position and not move forward.

recently, i've been really
thinking about these.

i will work hard :)

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i think it will be best if yamapi can sharpen his skill in talking.
then we will be able to hear him speak a lot.
be it crap or serious staff, i would be glad to hear it :)

he can actually consult either koyama or sho to teach him.

but please look after your health, yamapi.
don't overwork yourself :)

original posting:-
date: 10.8.2010
time: PM12:54


  1. i'm looking forward to seeing yamapi talking a lot :)

    i would like koyama or sho teaching me, too ^.^
    because i want to be able to talk like them, too, 'cause i want to become an MC (if that is the right translation of Moderator xD) :D

  2. these are words from a grown-up... Pi sounds grown-up when he reflects...
    we already know that Pi is working hard on dancing and singing... next is talking ^_^