Friday, October 1




today, we were filming PV

MASSU keeps laughing

now, i'm going to have my bentou.

it's been raining the entire day
therefore, i must maintain a good feeling and
to work hard to accomplish my job!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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that's great!
filming 'Fighting Man' PV after the concert ended!

this is not the end of it.
they will have plenty of activities to do and take part in.

it's like it's a rare opportunity for them to be active after some time,
and i don't want them to be inactive again X)

original posting:-
date: 2.10.2010
time: PM2:56


  1. "MASSU keeps laughing"
    "it's been raining the entire day"
    That doesn't bother Pi, because Pi is the 'sunny' guy (alongside Massu XD)
    Fighting Man, I can't wait for it...

  2. aha i found the PV! LOL loved it! thanks for the post again! ^^ <3

  3. @newsxo: yay for massupi love~<3 hehe. did you observe that recently pi and massu are very close to each other?! somehow, when i see the 2 of them together, i'm feeling v v v happy :)

    @sanndy: you're welcome :)

  4. Aww he mentioned Massu!!XD
    Yes i hope they'll have of plenty of activites!!!:DDD

    Thank you!:D

    have a question..why can't I comment through my LJ??.. it says "Your OpenID credentials could not be verified" >,< I tried it for few times already...sorry..haha

  5. @Anonymous: you're welcome and thank you for commenting here :) hmm. are you still facing this problem? i tried using my livejournal account, i can. hmm. did you type in the same as your livejournal login name?