Saturday, October 16





recently, although i have a strong feeling of wanting to get my hair cut

i always don't have the chance to go to the hair salon 

feel like getting it cut soon

today, NEWS attended MUSIC STATION.

the rehearsal is over, right now i'm resting with everyone.

have eaten the bentou
am writing a reply letter to a fan's letter.

please anticipate for the official performance

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

have everyone watched their performance on Music Station?!
(if you have not, you can watch it under this link:       watch it quick before JE remove it again XD )

so far, i've only watched the tegoshi hip dancing part.
it was hilarious when pi and koyama were slapping his butt XD
but before pi started slapping his butt,
it seems like pi is caressing his butt instead :D (or is he really doing it =x )
it was amusing though.

does he really don't like his current hairstyle?

seriously i'm thinking that pi look great in this hairstyle as compared to his maggi-hair days.

if he really wants to visit the hair salon one day,
hopefully his hairstylist doesn't destroyed his style

and the person who is receiving this reply letter from pi is super duper lucky!!!
i wonder what will he be writing in his reply?
something inspirational? something cute? something hilarious?
only the person receiving this will know~


  1. however i want his prodai hair back!! <3 hehe.

  2. Pi and I have the same feelings wanting to get our hair cut
    but, I only want to get a trim, my hair grows super fast, so a trim should be good ^_^

  3. is your hair long?! because i know that when your hair is short, it tends to grow super fast :D speaking of which my fringe is long again, i need to get it trim soon :D