Monday, October 18




today is the recording for 『HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP』!

it's been a while since i came to this studio by the bay.

last time i came, it's during 『CODE BLUE 2』
so nostalgic!

it's been some time i ate my favourite canteen food
which i frequently ate that period of time

it always has been this

now, the recording of the performance part is over
there are lots of people who came from far away places
thank you

truly grateful grateful

tomorrow i will maintain this grateful grateful heart and work hard

ma, now i'm heading to the next location!

see ya!

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i was about to ask is Music Station the only show which they will be appearing to promote their upcoming single 'Fighting Man'?
but seems like the answer is in yesterday's nikki entry~

and it really seems like it's been some time since they appear on Hey!x3 ne~
miss seeing Masatoshi Hamada san teasing tegonyan :)


  1. thank you for translating dear ^^

    ne I hope we get to see more of NEWS over the next few weeks
    *eager to know if any NEWS/Tegomass concert dvds will be released before the end of the year*

  2. you're welcome! :) YARH!! i'm eager to know too!! hopefully, LIVE concert will be made into a DVD, or even better BLU-RAY! ^0^ i have this hunch telling me that LIVE concert is much better watching than DIAMOND. what about you?! and by the way, thank you for commenting. i see that this is your first time commenting here?! :) in future, yoroshiku onegaishimasu *-*

  3. Hey!x3 (^o^)
    it's been a while, I think the one they recorded airs on Nov 1st ... ne?

  4. yup! that's what people in livejournal stated :D