Thursday, October 28




it's been a long time since i bought a cap
today, i bought a cap

knitted-woolen cap!
it's helps in keeping me warm
stylish and good looking!

it seems like today is the coldest day in this year

be careful not to catch a cold!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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he's been updating his nikki 3 days in a row!!
hopefully, he can continue it in the following days~

oh ya!
have everyone seen 'Fighting Man' PV?!
(if not, click on this link: to watch it!)
how do you find it?!

personally, i think this is the best pv among all their pvs.
can see that they, the director, the producer, etc had put in lots of effort in producing it.
and also, it seems like lots of money was invested in producing this pv.
the light-camera-effect stage, their individual stage set, etc.
moreover, i like their clothing; matured yet didn't lose their child's heart feeling~

one thing i find it quite amusing.
why is it that when everyone was watching their pv in the pv,
everyone was smiling and looked excited except for pi?!
he seemed like he got dumped by his "girlfriend"?

dear yamapi,
you should smile, instead of giving that sad look in the pv.
even though you look cool, you will look cooler when you smile.
and then everyone would start making gif out from that scene.
from then on, most of the people's avatar / display picture / icon will be those gifs :)

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  1. "you should smile, instead of giving that sad look in the pv." Agreed!!
    The pv is amazing, before the pv came out I kept on trying to imagine what it would be like but I never imagined it that way, and the effects too ^0^