Sunday, December 12

no entry

there is no update from pi,


  1. I have bought NEWS album \(^o^)/
    haha, instead of listening to the songs first, I watched the DVD first because I was so excited it was included, now Pi has a DVD with SGSB, I can't believe that it includes 'Making-of' and 'recording footage'

  2. and not forgetting special interview and the OIAM pv~! :) you ordered these (album and single) already?! hehe.

    with regards to NEWS album, i was the opposite. i listened to their songs first then watched the dvd as i downloaded their album first then my order came X) in addition, i was uber tired and got to wait when i'm not tired then watched it ^^

  3. Soon i'll be ordering ^o^
    I'm holding out until I see how much christmas money i get XD

  4. that's great!! i'm considering whether to buy the Taiwan version or the Japan version (same old question again) haha!! do you know they have 2 different covers for the LE version? ie. you have to order twice in order to have it. once the LE had been ordered finish, by default you will take the RE version. therefore, you're action must be v fast in order to get it.

    in addition, online shopping websites don't have the option for us to choose which covers we want. hence, i don't think it will be an easy task for us to order what we want >.<